About Us

About Our Company

ORBIT FORCE SECURITY SERVICE LTD is one of the top security service providers in Bangladesh. It provides comprehensive security and logistic service solutions to the growing security needs of the country.

ORBIT FORCE SECURITY SERVICE LTD protects homes, workplaces financial establishments and society. We offer a comprehensive range of security services to help the people as well as the society and address their security needs in a convenient and cost effective manner.

ORBIT FORCE SECURITY SERVICE LTD commenced its long and arduous November 30, 2008 under the capable leadership of ex-military officers and men who served diligently to bring the company to a standard that made room for it to complete with the established companies of the security industry. And since then the company has been able to register a meteoric growth. Thanks to all ranks of the company for their unremitted effort. Currently it has a competent retinue of the officers and man who are ever ready to improve upon their own performance.

ORBIT FORCE SECURITY SERVICE LTD continues to develop leading-edge security solutions by putting professionalism, experience, reliability and integrity as its service inspiration. With its strong philosophy of service excellence, ORBIT FORCE SECURITY SERVICE LTD has become a trusted name in the security industry for security solutions that are efficient, practical and affordable. We are also resolute to expand our services beyond Bangladesh to participate in Global Security Network.


To set an accepted of commitment, adequacy and credibility.
To accouter the close with avant-garde technology & accoutrement
to accommodated all kinds of emergency & added aegis situations
To conduct regular market survey, identify and meet the clients security needs.
To be able to conduct detail security survey prior to deployments.
To maintain a minimum reserve workforce to meet any contingencies.
To provide trained personnel in meeting clients logistics requirements
To conduct efficient management for smooth operational activities